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SDiD™ 1210 RFID SD Card
SDiD™ 1210


SDiD™ 1210 is a Low Frequency (LF) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Secure Digital (SD) Card, designed to plug into any Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), Smartphone or other hand-held device with an SD slot. The SDiD™ card offers RFID read / write capabilities for portable terminals using industry standard LF technologies. Applications include animal identification, herd management, asset tagging, oilfield logistics and process compliance, vehicle security and fuel payment systems. Transaction or tag data can be processed through mobile connections such as WiFi, Bluetooth, CDMA, GSM / GPRS or UMTS associated with the portable device. Combination of the SDiD™ 1210 with a network connected handheld device provides a high performance, economical system for mobile LF RFID.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • Low Frequency or LF RFID
  • ISO 11784, ISO 11785 for Animal ID
  • Supports both Half Duplex (HDX) and Full Duplex (FDX) LF RFID
  • Supports TI TIRIS LF, Sokymat Q5, NXP HITAG™ 1 and NXP HITAG™ S (no security)
  • Read, write and search 125 kHz and 134.2 kHz LF RFID tags
Secure Digital (SD) Card
  • SD Combo Card complaint
  • SDIO complaint, version 1.10
  • SD-1, SD-4, SPI mode
  • Extended SD form factor
Integrated Antenna
  • Compact and reliable design
  • 134.2 kHz LF Band
Read Range
  • HDX: Up to 12.5 cm (5.0") depending on tag antenna configuration and environment
  • FDX: Up to 9.0 cm (3.5") depending on tag antenna configuration and environment
Supports most PDAs and Smartphones
  • Terminals with SDIO enabled SD Card slots
  • Microsoft® Pocket PC 2002/2003 with SDIONow! or Windows Mobile 2003 with SDIONow! or Windows Mobile 5.0 or Windows Mobile 6.0
  • Palm OS® 4.1 and up
Low Power Consumption (depending on host device)
  • 300 mA (typical) FDX active
  • 120 mA (typical) HDX active
  • 40 mA (typical) idle
  • 32 mA (typical) standby
  • 3.3V (typical) operation
LED Indicator
  • Bi-color (Red/Green)
  • Host Application controls activity

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